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About Us

We're a passionate team dedicated to saving lives, preventing injuries at work to create safer, efficient work environments for all. Managing health, safety and welfare can often be an expensive and complicated business. We feel it doesn't have to be. That's why we have created Site-Fit, an intuitive, multi platform application available for use on any compatible smart device.

What Site-Fit does

Site-Fit manages the three most common risks found in the workplace by alerting users of hazards, controlling access and constant monitoring to protect you and others from harm.

Designated Working Zones

Plan, create and manage access, reduce the risk of accidental collisions, near miss occurrences between people and vehicles

Hand Arm Vibration Monitoring

Accurately calculates and displays real time user information in line with the HSE’s exposure points for vibration magnitude

Heart Rate Monitoring

Continuous heart rate monitoring to track cardiovascular health over time. A simple, effective method to keep you safe at work

How Site-Fit works

Site-Fit is a multi platform application which uses any compatible smart device to proactively monitor and protect people from harm. Each device is uniquely coded which enables user specific information to be shared and recorded in real time. Site-Fit works in conjunction with wearable technology to provide all round protection to users. Click the video to watch Site-Fit in action.


The ultimate multi platform application that can create a safer, more efficient work environment for all.

Proximity Alerts/

Reduce the Risk of Accidents
Vehicle to Person Alert
Create Walkway Safe Routes
Asset Protection System

Access Control/

Create Safe Working Environments
Display and Alert Known Risks
Deter Unauthorised Entry
24/7, 365 Days Coverage

HAVs Management/

Accurate Vibration Measurement
Deploy Effective Control Measures
Real-time Exposure Points Display
Automatic Data Transmission

/Real Time Info

Rectify Issues Quickly
Support Effective Decision Making
On Demand Live Data
Monitor Efficiency of Controls

/Data Logging

Create, View and Send User Reports
Instant Access To Data
Provide Accurate Records
Robust Data Against Litigation

/Health Indicator

Indication Of Cardiovascular Health
Stress Management At Work
Track Health Improvements
Personal HR Safe Zones


Say goodbye to expensive equipment and compatibility issues.
Welcome to an intuitively designed, simple to use all-in-one application.

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